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System Customization

At STC, we realize there is not a universal hardware configuration or software solution that will fit all of our customer’s needs. STC has designed our Wayside Systems to be flexible in their configuration so they can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our customers buy only what they need, and if their needs change their systems can be readily upgraded to a new configuration level by simply adding the standard hardware modules that are required for the desired functionality.

In most cases, the system software already contains the support that is required for our standard hardware modules. When you elect to increase the capabilities of one of your Wayside Systems, simply purchase the required hardware modules, connect them to the system and turn on their functionality in the system processor.  

In the event special software functions are required in our Wayside Systems, STC offers custom software updates to customer specification. Once created, the customer specific software is maintained in the STC production software directory enabling future support of the additional customer-specific functions.

For customers contemplating ongoing purchases of STC Wayside Systems over a multi-year program, we will create customer specific Bills of Material with unique part numbers that allow ordering a complete system with a single part number. Our goal is to make you our Wayside Systems partner for many years to come.